Funding and Management


Funding and Management of UnitedSpaceAgency is beyond my capabilities. I do Systems design, Competent Engineers check out the design – I am capable of making fundamental errors – overestimating or underestimating Strengths and Weaknesses, but money and management I am weak on. The system is designed as a “Not-for-profit” (of individuals, nations or corporations) but it IS for the profit of humanity.

I get an Old Age Pension and have no dependants or heirs to give greed and wealth to The ownership is for the whole of humanity, and the control of its operation should be by the whole of humanity, not for a privileged group's greedy profit. But we have to defend against that, and make provisions and pay for the needed defence of personnel, machinery and any needed repairs or compensation to damage we may cause.

I call for volunteers, I call for paid employees, and yes, commercial opportunities that advance our program, our foothold, and the future of humankind. This needs BALANCE greater than I can provide, It needs teamwork by caring and competent people with technical understanding, who can keep their personal greed for money, Fame and power under control. We have to keep out those who would bully, and attempt to take command of this system to increase their personal power and stranglehold over “the masses” of “persons less Holy than themselves or their Club, nation or religion. This is not an easy task for anyone. We need to be brave, but not suicidal or uncaring of either ourselves or others.


The required budget (2015) is US$10Billion per year. And it should be Crowd Funded by 5Bn to 6Billion people (those of our 7.1Bn people who DO get adequate nutrition)– an average of $2 a year or 4 cents per week per person. That's “average” …. “Westerners” or “first worlders”should pay 200 times that – about the cost of one beer per week, still a minuscule amount – but don't just send money to me, As I may then end up far too drunk to be useful! ;-)

That's what is needed, but how to organize it? … and the several other world benefiting schemes such as I've described on , WORLD-POWER.COM and many other websites? … The answer – I've already described – for political management (or is that Politician Management?) on – a Way that is Both and Neither Democratic and communist – giving all the people a chance to steer humanity, not just rich, powerful, vainglorious self appointed leaders and dictators that lie and swindle their way to great power.

Avoidance of thought about this, and the “problems” that I have laid out logically on the web “for you” 15 years ago ( ) may give comfort to the weak and feeble, who believe that God and Superman will come and rescue them …. well … That's extremely unlikely to happen. Its up to us to fix our common problems, it is not a big task with many working just a tiny bit each...

I can see The Obvious and so can you, you just have to open your eyes – use to research and answer your questions I also control because nobody else saw it, and is mine too was my email address, my website and my attitude. An American bought it from me cheaply last year, and it is now silent because it has been clearly too hard for him to do anything with it. Strange creatures with more money than sense – certainly short of responsibility... I'll give him an email poke to see if he's still alive, I guess... and going to do anything with it - when I get around to that attitude again, still single handed. ;-p

And what of you, Dear reader? Bored with this already, I'm sure you have calls to inaction to attend to also … so where should you start?

but don't just stop there, please help me to make work will save you money on taxes...

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